Hey, Nice to Meet You! I'm Markita...

What is Making Straight Paths?

Making Straight Paths is an all inclusive business coaching and consulting firm I created in 2011. "All inclusive" means I guide you through all of the important principles or aspects you need to build for your business or non-profit. Think of me as your personal guide through the wilderness of entrepreneurship!  

I created Making Straight Paths to be exactly what I needed when I created my business - a place that gives me answers, provides support, and is a sounding board to generate ideas and purposeful strategies. With each client I use creative and comprehensive coaching techniques to take their ideas and bring them to life! My intention is that each time you interact with Making Straight Paths you'll receive clear and detailed steps, encouraging wisdom, a variety of effective resources, and accountability to use on your journey!

I love working with people who are on the verge of creating, organizing, or expanding their business or non-profit. I get so excited to see a new idea come to life and want to help you to create the systems to take you throughout your journey.

I believe success is a journey and not a destination. You can either meander down a path created for you or create your own way to success. NOW is the time and I want to help you avoid the chaos and drama of unorganized entrepreneurship and create your clear path to success!

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Who are you?

I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I could remember! I was the kid in middle school selling candy and pencils out of my backpack! It's more than a hustle, I live and breathe business! I love the way it works, moves, grows, changes, and evolves! I also love the way a business can change a life for the better, interrupt the negative cycles in a family, and empower a community to have hope! Along my journey I have accumulated various skills and expertise that I now use in my coaching and consulting practice every day. I am super witty, nerdy, intuitive, passionate, and a little silly! I love laughter, good friends, good food, and all that is fabulous. I have a cat named Lilo and we are currently on an adventure in Houston, TX. I'm a mixture of a mature, classic glam sage with a youthful, free, rebellious, wildchild.

For my full resume of experience and expertise check out my LinkedIn profile!

Why coaching and consulting?

You know when you've been doing something so long that someone just wants to pay you for it? That was me. I think I've been coaching/consulting all my life for "free" and one day one of my first clients said, "I'll just pay you for it!" And there was my "Ah-ha Moment!" This is what I'm supposed to do! This is how I will utilize all of my education, experiences, and ideas to serve. It is my purpose to make sure that everyone I am blessed to encounter gets a chance to live in the purpose/calling you were created to execute! I am passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and understand your full potential!

We ALL have something unique for us to do or serve and I can't wait to help you do it!

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What is purpose?

Purpose is the reason you were created! No one is born on accident! We all have something unique we can do to serve our world. Most of us have a special idea for a business or non-profit that is different than everyone else! Imagine if you're the next Steve Jobs or Oprah just waiting for someone to believe in you!

I believe in you and your dreams! Let me help you get started! Let's Go!

The Challenge!

 I challenge you to  explore the site and see if we'll be a good fit together...

I challenge you to determine if you're ready to get out of your own head and way and start a new journey closer to your purpose... 

I challenge you to ask yourself if you're "Ready, Willing, and Able," to commit to yourself and invest in your future...

I'm ready if you are! Check out my Contact Me page to set up your consultation!

Memberships, Associations, & Certifications

Making Straights Paths Woodlands Chamber Ribbon Cutting
Making Straights Paths member of the Woodlands Chamber of Commerce
Making Straights Paths TX Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Certification
Making Straights Paths is City of Houston Minority, Women, and Small Business Enterprise Certified
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